Takata Airbag Recall: Pilot Campaign

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Campaign Results

Objective: To drive customers to have their airbag replaced.


% of airbags replaced within 4 weeks


Objective: To drive customers to have their airbag replaced.

Takata Airbags are a global issue for several major car manufacturers.  The faulty inflator in these airbags can degrade over time and as a result, fragments of metal can explode from the airbag upon impact.  This can be fatal for drivers.  So far, 23 deaths and 230 injuries have been recorded globally.  One of these deaths was recorded in Sydney, in July 2017.

In early 2018, the ACCC in Australia enforced a mandatory recall for all manufacturers who have been affected by the faulty airbags.

Tribe were contacted to run a pilot campaign for 3 dealerships in Victoria, Australia who were looking to be proactive with airbag recalls.  Tribe were the trusted liaison between the dealership and the manufacturer, and were able to compare Honda’s customer data with that of the dealership, unlocking thousands of records the manufacturer did not have.

The objective was to inform customers that their airbag could be faulty, and ultimately, to drive customers to instantly book their vehicle in for an free airbag replacement at their nearest dealership.


Valuable prizes, such a petrol vouchers, were offered as incentives for customers to click-through the campaign and book their car in for a free airbag replacement.

Analytics were captured at every step of the campaign, allowing dealerships to confirm which customers had seen the original contact point (in this case an SMS), watched the information video, or completed the campaign.

The initial contact point of the campaign gave a clear message about the potential danger their current airbag posed, so capturing analytics at this stage of the campaign gave dealerships verifiable confirmation that customers were made aware of the problem – a critical liability issue for manufacturers.

Overall, the campaign resulted in 27% of all recipients having their airbag replaced within 4 weeks of the campaign delivery.  A truly incredible result, which could save the lives of many Australian drivers.

The Campaign






Complete Campaign Stats

% of messages recieved

Number of customers reached. Some mobile numbers were outdated or inactive.

% of customer click-through

Number of customers who interacted with the campaign by clicking the link.

% of airbags replaced

Percentage of customers who have successfully had their Takata airbag replaced.